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Soft sales continue in AprilPrices steady, but struggles in Alberta economy weighs on housingCity of Calgary, May 1, 2018Changes to the lending industry and a challenging economic recovery are

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CIR REALTY Real Estate Review for Calgary and Area.

 Market Sumary The official forecast from the Chief Economist for the Calgary Real Estate Board was released on January 31st. While the numbers largely indicated that in 2018 we would see

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Top 10 Things To Know: Home Inspections

So you’ve identified the home of your dreams. Here are the Top 10 things you need to know about home inspections in Calgary: What a Home Inspection Is When you conduct a

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Home Insurance Scoop For First Time Home Buyers

Whenever the word INSURANCE is mentioned there are a lot questions and most people misunderstand and miscalculate what this means or affects them. First time home buyers need to take note:Many first

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